Brand building & repositioning

We understand that the brand identity is a prerequisite to a hotel’s success, an effective means of communication that assists in leaving an impression on the customers’ minds. The brand identity is also considered as a powerful tool, which helps to increase the ability to compete with rivals and demonstrate the hotel’s class and professionalism.

With valuable experiences over many years of work and research, ARRIS is confident in its ability toassist investors indetermining their countenance to orient a new brand or rebuild a completely new image to a brand that already exists in the market, opening up a great deal of good fortunes and new opportunities for investors.


With more than 10 years of practical experience, we understand that excellent design drawings do not mean everything. Printing is also a very important stage which can greatly affect the final product. That is why ARRIS always manages the printing process very closely, from the selection of printing agencies, printing materials, finished colors to the original designs... so that products delivered to the customers are always of the highest quality.

Website, Mobile, Tablet, Software App, Interface. Coding, Css

ARRIS focuses on designing applications on websites and mobile devices to meet the growing needs of users. Determining the convenience and usage habits of customers to be of top priority, we aim to design applications that are simpler, clear, smart and easy to use.

Especially, with the strength in the field of tourism and hospitality, ARRIS has successfully designed hotel management application for many well-known hotels and resorts in and outside of Vietnam.

Packaging design

ARRIS brings a lot of creativity in packaging design, from product designs to materials and colors. Not only designing consumer packaging, customers’ needs for product photography, advertising image processing, website design as well as many other marketing publications of the project will also be handled by ARRIS to ensure consistency in shapingthe brand identity.

One of the regular customers of ARRIS is a system of well-known hotels requiring a full design package for customers’ gifts kit packaging on all occasions of the year (Lunar New Year, Christmas, Valentine, Women's Day…).

Interior decoration

If you are wondering which style to use for decorating an office, a big hall or a fashion store..., let the interior design team of ARRIS assist you in your choosing. Our interior design expert will make your work easy, from choosing furniture to mixing the colors of fabrics, wood or even the smallest items of the room.

With customers that prefer oil paintings, ARRIS can confidentlydeliver to customers a sense of conformity in each product, eachbrushstroke. We have provided a line of high-quality oil paintings for many high-class apartments, decorated in hallways, hotel rooms, spas...

PR & Marketing

We possess the know-how to help our customers communicate their message to the public in the most ingenious way, reduce communication costs and increase brand recognition efficiency, thereby positively impacting the readers’ behaviours on buying and using services. All communication solutions of ARRIS are aimed at conveying the right message, to the right target audience and at the right time.

Communication: With many years of experience in marketing, ARRIS confidently provides consulting&development services for the overall communication strategy for businesses. We will work with our customers to make long-term marketing plans: from pre-opening, opening... and aiding along the journey of the business.

Event: ARRIS offers a full package for event management service, including: consulting, design, logistics and field management. The events conducted by ARRIS contribute not only to increasing brand awareness but also achieving the business goals that customers desire.

PR: PR (Public Relations) activities have a great influence on brand reputation, which has been dubbed the "soul-keeper for the brand". At ARRIS, we develop effective PR strategies, thereby successfully connecting brands with targeted customers.

ARRIS's team of highly experienced journalists, reporters and editors will accompany all of the customers’ PR activities, contributing to creating, preserving and developing brand reputation.


Throughout the process of formation and development, ARRIS has constantly expanded its partner network of professional photographers, to provide an imagery solution tailored to customers' budgets and brands.

We provide full service package from selecting photographers and stylists, setting up space, lighting, developing scripts and contacting models, shooting and post-production processing ... to release images of the highest quality, which can be used on all platforms, all applications such as: newspapercover, television, website, large format printing for outdoor advertising...